Dividend income report: May 2018

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May was a so-so month for dividends and distributions, but I still made nearly $800.

Here’s an overview of the passive income I earned last month:

Category Dividend/distribution income
Bond ETFs $59.24
Canadian stocks $284.04
Canadian REITs $194.55
U.S. stocks $145.84
International stocks $99.62
Total $783.29

For the first five months of the year, I’ve earned $4,220.76. In the same period last year, I made $4,131.13. That’s an increase of just 2.2%.

However, I’ve made some revisions to my portfolio so I don’t expect to earn as much as I did last year. While I haven’t calculated what I expect to earn, I’m still hoping to earn at least $10,000.

That should be fairly easy as long as the Canadian dollar stays around the same this year. If it surges, my goal will be a little harder to reach.

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